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Sinopsis & Review

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 978-967-5266-41-6

Tarikh Terbit: 2017

Jumlah Muka Surat: 253

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Penulis: Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im




Toward an Islamic Reformation is an ambitious attempt to modernize Islamic Law, calling for reform of the historical formulations of Islamic Law, commonly known as Shari'a that is perceived by many Muslims to be part of the Islamic faith.

As a Muslim, Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im is sensitive to and appreciative of the delicate relationship between Islam as a religion and Islamic Law. Nevertheless, he considers that the questions raised here must be resolved if the public law of Islam is to be implemented today.

An-Na'im draws upon the teaching and writings of Sudanese reformer Mahmoud Mohamed Taha to provide what some have called the intellectual foundations for a total reinterpretation of the nature and meaning if Islamic public law.