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Sinopsis & Review

Format: Paperback

ISBN-13: 978-967-5266-33-1

Tarikh Terbit: JANUARI 2016

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Penulis: M. BAKRI MUSA



Product Description:

In Liberating The Malay Mind, M. Bakri Musa maps with clarity a path towards a liberated Malaysia by carefully examining the country's past and evaluating the current Malay obsession with Ketuanan Melayu. This book explores the ways in how special rights and “sons of the soil” privileges bestowed have inhibited the Malay people from forging an educated, dynamic and globally competitive Tanah Melayu.

Dr. Bakri Musa examines Malay culture through the prisms of history, psyche and religion and details the steps necessary to liberate the collective Malay mindset through free access to information, an enlightened education system, and engagement in commerce.

With this careful navigation, and not by pinning hopes on the political amulet of Article 153, Liberating The Malay Mind forges a way towards a self-sufficient Malaysia, able to turn crises into opportunities, and challenges into inspirations.

“Unlike our political merdeka – which was granted to us by the British – our liberated mind can not be bestowed. We have to strive for it. Then we will be Tuans even elsewhere other than Tanah Melayu.” M. Bakri Musa